Our country is free and independent!
Our warriors are strong and indomitable, but even superheroes need help.
The humanitarian mission of our foundation in the Kherson region, which was under occupation for more than 4 months, has passed.
More to come!
Join the fundraiser for the homeless!
About us
We are launching a fundraising project to help our military and homeless people.
We will fight together to restore the well-being of our country.
Our story
After the invasion of the enemy in the city of Irpin, my friends and I began to help the residents of the city.
At first they helped with departure, then after the release they provided help to pensioners, locals, people whose homes were destroyed.
During this difficult time, we created our fund and began to operate in the right field.
At the same time, they helped the military from our region, from drones to cars. We continue to help
because this is our duty, and step by step we are getting closer to the goal.
Any of your donations saves lives!
The "Restoration of Welfare" fund helped about 5,000 people. We don't stop! We continue to work and help!
More to come!
Join the fundraiser for the homeless!
Do not remain indifferent
It is you who can become the cause of a life that no one has the right to take away!
Everyone in this war has its own meaning: someone protects our dream at the front, someone volunteers and collects funds, and someone donates and saves someone's life.
Join us in raising funds for injured military and evacuation vehicles!
Our contacts
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Identification code 44882087
Official documents of the fund
Ukraine, Irpin, 7e Mineralna St
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